My name is Nick, I live near Guildford within the beautiful Surrey Hills.  I’m married to Lynn with two children. In my spare time I love traveling and cycling on my mountain bike with my friends.

My passion for photography started when I was at Worthing Art Collage, where I studied graphic design and photography. After many years in creative agencies as a designer, I made the switch to photography 2008 after purchasing a Canon 5D mk1 (classic full frame camera). My photography fulfills my needs to be creative, learn new things and make new friends along the way. I visually edit all my own imagery, something I am very passionate about.

My photography style is natural, stylish and distinct, I’m always relaxed, easy to communicate with and very organised.  I’m committed working closely with the client, on every photography project and always fully understand the clients requirements.  

Whether you’re a designer, art director or agency, I provide professional commercial photography that showcases your offering in the best possible light.

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nick bond

Professional Commercial Photographer